What is Ka Huna Massage & Polynesian Bodywork?

White Cloud offers two forms of bodywork as part of its services: Ka Huna massage which is conducted on a massage table; and Polynesian Bodywork which is carried out on the floor.

Ka Huna is unlike any other massage. It works actively with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body. The aim of the massage is to shift blockages that manifest as muscle spasms (knots) and other ailments in the body. Using more oil than other massage styles, the client receives long flowing stokes above and below the body, enabling the masseur to generate a connecting flow through the body, beyond the surface of the skin.

The massage incorporates a combination of deep tissue and gentle relaxation massage strokes based on the needs of the recipient.

Polynesian Bodywork is practiced on the floor fully closed. Using this approach encourages the recipient to concentrate on the mind/body connection, using breath to overcome tension. Polynesian Bodywork involves firm pressure using full body weight and gentle movement into deep tissue. Stretching is used to open up joints and release tension in muscles.

Both bodywork approaches emerge from an Hawaiian tradition with Ka Huna massage also known as sacred temple massage. Both modalities offer the recipient profound and intense experiences that leave the body and mind more relaxed and in harmony.

What is Psychosomatic Therapy

Psychosomatic therapy is concerned with the analysis of the body mind and the relationship between the language of the body mind communication. It is the soul communicating its experience of what it is like to be in the human body. The ‘language’ through body chemistry, recognises no nationality or doctrine. It only seeks to impart love, compassion and understanding to be experience as a good healthy life. Medical science has taken quantum steps to eliminate disease from our lives and to prevent further diseases.

Psychosomatic therapy and body mind analysis seeks to bring our awareness to those areas of the body mind where we can eliminate the stress, tension and psychosomatic discomfort before they become disease and also assist medical science in its process of cure, by eliminating the source.

At White Cloud Ka Huna, Trevor, our accredited Psychosomatic therapist will carefully work with you in gaining insights into your unique mind body communication as presented in your body’s physical expression.

About Us



Trevor has spent 20 years creating gardens while also pursuing deeper self development in the fields of Meditation, Yoga and Tae Kwon Do. He developed an interest in massage 15 years ago, beginning his training has included Swedish Remedial massage at Om Shanti College. He has achieved Practitioner certification in Psychosomatic Therapy with Herman Muller, and qualified in Polynesian Bodywork and Ka Huna Massage at Mette’s Institute.

Our Philosophy

We strive for an integrated approach to enhancing health through connected touch in bodywork. Human existence is unitary and integrated. Often, bodywork is overlooked as a luxury rather than a way to aid integration of the whole person.

Each treatment is offered to help provide a unique experience for the individual based on their own needs, on their terms and with their healing and wholeness at the centre of the therapy.

Why the name ‘White Cloud’?

When Trevor first founded the practice, he purchased a special table crafted in white leather. At a special ceremony, the table was blessed and named ‘White Cloud’. Clouds (particularly the white fluffy ones) are often associated with relaxation, rest and peace. Everyone who has had the privilege of being held by White Cloud during a massage attests it is soft, comforting and welcoming.

What our clients say

Wayne – “I’d never had a Kahuna massage before, but I’m a convert now. Through a combination of firm (but not too firm), long strokes and stretching Trevor managed to eliminate every gram of tension from my body. I felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated when I left, and I’ll definitely be back for more. I highly recommend Trevor and his Kahuna massage

Ben – “Just wanted to say thank u again for last night. It was an amazing experience unlike anything I have had before”

Robert – “I loved the head and face massage. And I was taken away by the flow of it over my whole body”

Irene – “I felt like I was floating on water”


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