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Every body is different. The approach to every massage is unique, based on an intuitive reading of the landscape of the body in that moment. Muscle sinew, tiredness or tension, emotional and physical condition are all features of the landscape. A successful massage will navigate this territory and respond to the elements without a preconceived route.

Ka Huna Massage

Ka Huna is unlike any other massage. The massage actively works on the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies at the same time. The aim of this massage is to shift blockages that manifest as muscle knots or other ailments in the muscles, bones and meridians. Using more oil than other massage styles, the client receives long flowing strokes above and below the body, enabling the masseur to generate a connecting flow through the body, beyond the surface.

The massage incorporates a combination of deep tissue and gentle relaxation massage strokes based on the needs of the recipient on the day.

The massage space is a place of honour and respect. During the massage the recipient is naked, yet discreetly covered over the genital area. Your comfort and needs will always be respected. If you choose to wear underwear during the massage, please bring a spare set as they will soak up quite a lot of oil during the session.

Polynesian Bodywork

Polynesian Bodywork is practiced on the floor and the recipient is fully clothed. This tradition can challenge you to concentrate on the interconnection of mind and body, using the breath to overcome moments of tension being released. Sessions can involve more intense sensation than some other forms of massage, however the masseur will always follow the needs and responses of your body as it is in the moment.

Polynesian Bodywork involves firm pressure using full body weight and gentle movement into the deep tissue. This is combined with broad movement and stretching of limbs to open up joints and release tension from the body.

Psychoscomatic therapy

Psychoscomatic therapy is concerned with the analysis of the body mind and the relationship between the language of the body mind communication. It is the soul communicating its experience of what it is like to be in the human body. The ‘language’ through body chemistry, recognises no nationality or doctrine. It only seeks to impart love, compassion and understanding to be experience as a good healthy life. Medical science has taken quantum steps to eliminate disease from our lives and to prevent further diseases.

Psychosomatic therapy and body mind analysis seeks to bring our awareness to those areas of the body mind where we can eliminate the stress, tension and psychosomatic discomfort before they become disease and also assist medical science in its process of cure, by eliminating the source.

At White Cloud Ka Huna, Trevor, our accredited Psychosomatic therapist will carefully work with you in gaining insights into your unique mind body communication as presented in your body’s physical expression.