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Introduction Package

30 minute Introductory Psychosomatic Evaluation followed by a 90 minute Ka Huna massage

The introductory integrated package provides you with the opportunity to try our our psychosomatic therapy incorporated into a massage. The two work exceptionally well to not only relax the mind and body but also provide deep insights and potential breakthroughs.

90 Minute Bodywork
One and a half hours o full body rejuvenation, let your body melt in the hands of a master practitioner
Refer-a-Friend Special Deal

For each client you refer who books, attends and pays for a massage, you will receive your choice of the following:

20% discount on a 90 minute Ka Huna massage


If you refer five or more clients in a 12 month period, you will receive a free massage.

Three-Massage Pack
A Ka Huna massage is the ultimate experience of compassionate and healing presence. Experienced therapist working to provide a healing and restorative experience bringing harmony to your body and mind.

Every body is different. The approach to every massage is unique, based on an intuitive reading of the landscape of the body in that moment. Muscle sinew, tiredness or tension, emotional and physical condition are all features of the landscape. A successful massage will navigate this territory and respond to the elements without a preconceived route.

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